Business email — it’s bigger than you think

Do you ever wonder how much time you spend in your inbox dealing with emails that matter to your business?

The answer is at least 1/3 of your work week.

At least 33% of your time is spent reading, organizing, prioritizing, and replying to email. That’s a lot of time. But then again, there’s a lot of email in the world.

Of the 196.3 billion emails sent per day in the world, nearly 109 billion of them are business emails. How much is 109 billion? Let’s try to wrap our heads around that for a second.

  • The equatorial circumference of the Earth is 24,901.55 miles. This means that you’d have to travel around the Earth over 4,365 times to get to 109 billion.
  • While scientists are unsure of exactly how many people have ever been born, some guess the number falls around 108 billion. Which means that we likely send more business email each day than the amount of people that have ever lived.

There are 300 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy.

Which means that in the next 3 days, humanity will send more business emails than there are stars in the galaxy.

It’s no wonder that we’re dealing with email overload! Email is an incredibly powerful technology and yet it causes way too much stress and fatigue in our professional environments. Have you ever been commuting home from your office when all of a sudden, panic struck as you remembered an email you sent weeks ago that you never heard back on? Or what about an email that you needed to follow up on that got lost in the shuffle? Have you ever lost a big deal because an email slipped through the cracks?

With 109 billion business emails being sent each day, no wonder we lose track of important email conversations all too often.

The good news is that technology moves at a fast pace to help fill in these gaps. I work for a company that has developed a messaging intelligence platform that’s changing the landscape of business email solutions. Voxa’s new (free!) alerting capability will be released very soon. Voxa Alerts will notify you when you miss or drop an important email. Sign up for an invite code here – we’ll let you know the moment it’s ready.

We’re just doing our part to make 109 billion emails a little easier to manage.

This post was written for Voxa’s blog, which you can read here.