If you are like me (and I’m sure you are, you’re reading this aren’t you!) you are constantly looking for ways to bring more value to your clients. More value equals more money. 

Damon Nelson of VidPenguin fame, is an expert in increasing a client’s social media presence and video rankings online. Damon’s simple discovery with this often over-looked online service has let him charge higher rates, increase a client’s social media presence to near celebrity levels and do it all without racking up extra screen time.

How does he do it? Simple. Damon increases his client’s value by curating high quality RSS feeds from experts in the industry AND spices it up with celebrity feeds and controversial blogs. 

Damon discovered that curating key links into his client’s RSS feeds increased clicks, leads and back linking. The best part about curating RSS feeds is that it takes little time, doesn’t require black hat strategies to bump up SEO and it creates long lasting relationships with the people behind the feeds you promote.

Are you interested in increasing your client’s celebrity status, generating a flood of new leads and hacking the power of top level influencer’s? Then you need to check out RSS Masher, that was just launched today. Seriously, if you are any kind of social media strategist you need to start using these techniques immediately.

Originally published on Blogger