Love each other, and enjoy the ride

The world can be a very scary place.

Everything seems to change on a daily basis.

Uncertainty in every aspect of life surrounds us.

We are all faced with one tragedy after another. On any particular day you can read about plane crashes, terrorism, crystal meth or whatever.

…wait a second… I wrote those lines in September of 2005, for 24 Hours.

In 2009, you can read about climate change, war(s) (Middle East), H1N1, the economic meltdown, a real estate collapse — a red-hot housing market driving up prices/rents — -as greed kicks into gear. And, there may be an epic tragedy as the sockeye salmon stocks vanish, affecting every creature relying on them for sustenance, including; humans.

The way I see it; once our (in the words of Dave Brindle) “FLESH EATING DISEASE” — tar sands in Alberta reaches production capacities where we quench our thirst to continue toxically destroy EARTH without the need for the Middle East, then and only then, can we escape from war(s) our involvement in, is questionable at best.

As for the economic meltdown, we’ve been told we’re turning the corner; the economy is heating up — illustrated by the housing market blasting higher as speculators drive up the real estate prices making affordability unreachable to many.

Did we not go through the inflated property prices crashing the market less than a year ago — can’t we wait for history to finish being written before it repeats?

Maybe paradise is only meant for the wealthy… out damn lower classes, unless you want to turn your den and living room into a bedroom.

As for the salmon, in 1970, there were approximately three-billion humans on the planet — now we’re nearing seven-billion, I have a hunch — we may have eaten them.

So, life, for many, is becoming too expensive, our consumptive ways are destroying ecosystems at alarming rates, while we still bicker about doing something, anything, about it.

Greed and flipping houses is eradicating the middle class — which has been hanging on by a thread.

And, at the end of the day H1N1 if the hyperbole is correct, have you picked up your body bag — could begin reducing… us.

If that were the case, I’d wait for the real estate market to crash, because if seven-billion drops to six, there may be countless steals on the horizon.

Screw the gloom, we had a spectacular summer, the Olympics are coming. Vancouver 2010 (unless you’re homeless — life will lead us to where we’re supposed to go. So, I suggest: extending your arms, spin in a circle, if nothing bad happens in that area; it’s been a good day — tomorrow will be even better if we once again value our families and friends more than we do, STUFF.)

…wait another second… we are now in Late 2015.

We are all faced with one tragedy after another. On any particular day you can read about, terrorism, the Syrian migrant crisis, gay marriage… crap, I think the news may be a template of misery. I want to look away. I need the noise to go away.

Don’t you?


You may be wondering; how does this affect love?

The current divorce rate is nearing 50 per cent.

Can you imagine the impact on the children?

On one hand, no wonder relationships are struggling and the divorce rate is so high. We are living in a world of “me” time. Consumption is king.

We all need to take a deep breath and slow down. Life is moving too fast.

We need to get back to a day where we say “Hi” to our neighbours instead of fearing them.

On the other hand, it’s not all bad: I’m happy, in fact, I’m individually optimistic, yet, globally pessimistic.

Can we change the course of things to come?

I don’t know.

We’ve messed it up pretty bad.

Just think about it for a moment. The family unit is in a state of crisis; the institution of marriage may be failing; c’mon, two drinking buddies getting married in Ontario?

I suggest in the future for those of you walking down the aisle could you please uncross your fingers and take your tongue out of your cheek. You’re only screwing up your kids and, in turn, our world.

If everyone actually meant, “till death do us part,” the divorce rate may only be 20–25 per cent resulting in:

  1. At least a 50 per cent reduction in unwanted children, in turn resulting in:
  2. A smaller global population, in turn resulting in:
  3. Less consumption, in turn resulting in: HOPE!

Wait a second, if that was the equation. I might not exist.

We have certainly left one messed up world for the next generation to try to fix. It’s too bad that most of them come from broken homes. How are they going to fix the world, when they can’t even fix themselves?

My radical suggestions:

  • Be aware of what is going on in “our” world.
  • Look at yourself first and the people in your life who matter and try to encourage, nurture and love.
  • Turn off the news (except for 24 hours).
  • Laugh, smile and cry from time to time. Have a blast. Treat others with kindness. Make your “moments” memorable. Don’t have kids just for the sake of it — kids aren’t puppies.
  • Avoid confrontations: life is too short.
  • And, most important, remember to hug each other.

We may not be able to fix the mess; however, we can have a blast during the ride.

This article was first published in 24 Hours Vancouver in September 2005.

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