See you later, Social Media

After a great internal (in my mind) struggle I have decided to take a break — sabbatical so to speak from the joys and time benefits of Social Media. And, appropriately I might add, announce that I am taking this break to all of my “loyal” friends/followers. I can’t help but chuckle when I type “friends/followers.” Personally, I find the whole concept, bizarre.

Anyway, at the end of this LONG READ that will be it — no more socializing until at least April 1st — I know you’re missing me already… what’s that someone “liked” your cat meme, you don’t have time for a LONG READ right now… you’re basking the glorious sunshine that “like” has brought you. Way to go!

Back to the LONG READ — at the end of it I have a request for the artistic types — maybe you can help me create something (a book cover) and be part of something I will be releasing to the World this year. (More on that at the end of this LONG READ)

Does anyone else find it sad that articles are now tagged with LONG READ?

“Damn it, I don’t have the time to read more than 140 characters. If you can’t give me all the information I need in that amount of words or a YouTube video or a meme or by just copying and pasting a link to an article that you likely haven’t read… well, I simply don’t have the time to learn… somebody just posted a selfie of themselves and a burger they are about to eat!”

I digress… probably more!

I began my Social Media journey a long ago. I think it was 2004. I joined because I thought it would be a good way to get the word out about a book I had written. I really didn’t know what it was (Social Media) or how to use it. Over the course of the next decade I would periodically post/publish stuff that I created expecting… well… not really anything. Then, as I continued to pursue a my passion of writing and telling stories that I believe are much bigger than myself — the experts in the ever changing publishing game started to tell me “You must develop a strong platform and build a wide audience in Social Media — the more influence you have (higher Klout Score) the more likely it is you will land a publishing deal.”

Translation: it doesn’t matter anymore if you’ve written a good book, it’s far more important that your “cat memes” are liked by countless people.

With the translation in hand I have come to realize, there are whack of people out there that are trying to sell you services on how to “engage” and “build” the widest audience possible — so that you can prove that you have this audience to “sell” your crap to.

In my case I don’t believe my writing to be crap. I do believe I’m wasting my time worrying about what people I barely know or don’t (on Social Media) think — when all everybody on Social Media seems to be doing is spamming the shit out of everyone they know as they sit by the computer attempting to paint a picture of a life filled with great joy.

Ask yourself before you post: Who are you posting the cat meme, vacation picture, article link, selfie, for?

My digression continues.

I think my sabbatical will help me realize how little Social Media gives for the amount of time I spend on it (not really that much). I do ask myself every time I engage: Wasn’t that a waste of time?

Frankly, when I scroll through Facebook, I rarely pay attention to who’s posting what — I just scroll. Don’t you?

I despise selfies. Food pictures, although they may look tasty… I’ve seen menus and cookbooks before. As for vacation pictures, are you my aunt/uncle with a slide show? Are you the first person to discover Europe, a beach, a..?

Digression almost done — thank you to the one person that has read this far; please “like” this post!

692 LONG READ words in and I’m almost done. For those who know me you know I’m kind of a social guy. I like individual conversations, maybe that is what grinds my gears about Social Media the most — it’s far from individual — and it may actually be the opposite of what it was meant to be.

Don’t worry I will take a peak again at what you think you need me to see/read/hear again on April 1st ish — in the meantime, if you do happen to see me out and about I will be carrying with me binders chalked full of food pictures, memes, every article that I’ve ever bookmarked; a slide projector, plus much more for us to sit down and flip through together. Now won’t that be fun? Seriously, won’t it?

“This next slide is, I think, the first picture ever taken of the Louvre — and that’s right, I took it!”

Aren’t you hoping to run into me?

“Hey isn’t that Lindsay over there; I sure hope he has his food binder with him?”

One last digression: PICTURES.

I don’t like my picture being taken, because I’m hideous.

Don’t get me wrong: I like pictures, and the digital camera is a wonderful thing. However, it has made most of us… narcissistic and boring.

If you are not a boring narcissist please disregard the last line.

Photography used to capture and document a period of time. I like those pictures. But once again thanks to the Sociality of our new Media — does it really have to be every couple of seconds?

I’m out of words… almost.


Take a look at the picture I attached to this post. It is the umpteenth idea for the cover of my memoir: DRIVING IN REVERSE — THE LIFE I ALMOST MISSED.

Come hell or high water it will be given to the World (LONG READERS) this year. By given I mean: you will be able to purchase a copy!

Anyway, if you are artistically inclined I need someone to take the picture in the “Cover mock up” and draw something similar with the proper vehicle and look for the times. If you can help and are interested, you may reach me through my website: and we can discuss my ideas.

Thanks for taking the time to read. See you (?) in April.

In the meantime try not to let a need for validation from people you rarely (if ever) (friends from the past) see, keep you in front of the computer screen when friends and new acquaintances are anxiously waiting for you to share your Food Binder with them over a cup of coffee.

That’s all for now: at bedtime tonight Social will flicker away to reality!

After that the only way you will be able to reach me is “Socially” or by the“Party Line” I’m having installed on my home phone!

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