Friday was equal parts Git Real, Test-Driven Development, and taking in all that is Smashing Labs. It’s great to be apart of company that places such value on their people and invests a portion of each week to celebrate each other, share a meal, and create space for learning and creativity outside of the usual workflow.

As fantastic as Smashing Labs is, my own workflow isn’t yet in sync with all the movement, sound, and energy of Friday afternoons, so learning was pretty limited to the the morning. (Read: headphones are key).

I worked through the other half of Git Real on Code School to dig deeper into advanced git techniques during the morning, and made progress on our Test-Driven Development book in the afternoon. I’m glad the book examples are beginning to make more sense, and catching onto TDD as a practice slowly but surely. Ultimately, I understand tests will effectively improve my code and productivity in the long run. I’m still a little hung up on efficiency, since it seems like it might “slow you down” initially. For now, I’ll keep sipping the metaphorical Kool-Aid.