I dedicated most of Monday to the next code kata, converting numbers to Roman numerals. I glanced a bit at the previous kata to gather some momentum (slash know where to begin), and searched for solutions. I found several older solutions to better understand the process of this particular kata, but I didn’t luck out finding the particular road I believe I should be on.

I found results full of the “old” ways of writing tests, so I traded ‘context’ and ‘should’ for ‘describe’, ‘expect’, ‘to eq’. After running Rspec, I encountered all failures.

Syntactically, I discovered using [] instead of (“”) ‘to eq’ the string of Roman numerals was a no-go. Fixing those errors led to half successes and half failures. Progress! These successes were the basic Roman numerals (ex: 1=>I, 5=>V, and so on).

By the end of the day, I still hadn’t figured out how to implement the more complicated conversions (ex: 4=>IV, 12=>XII, and more). From my Google explorations, it could be “ifs” or perhaps a sequencing issue.

Whatever the case, I look forward to pairing alongside Jmentor this morning to figure out how I’ve gone astray. After our back end developer lunch, I anticipate getting (or gitting? sorry, I had to) into Git Real 2 and making more headway on our TDD book.