Tuesday involved a lot of wrestling. Jmentor and I worked on the roman numeral kata during the morning (let’s be honest, mostly Jmentor). It’s still clear as mud when it comes to the more complicated roman numerals, so I returned to the coin changer kata after lunch with the back end developers.

After failing all tests, making a few changes, and still failing everything, I checked it against previous solutions of the kata’s code/tests. Those worked then, and it appears to be identical to my current version of the kata. Very puzzling.

Knowing it was time to walk away for a bit, I moved on to reading more TDD since I do know how to read.

I made it through the first half of the book, examples written in Java. I understand the general principles behind TDD, which I believe is the point, but I do wish these were in Ruby to better absorb the language simultaneously. Since I’m still very much learning Ruby, I find reading the examples more confusing than clarifying, so I mostly glance over them and move on.

In an effort to get more of a grip on the language, I found some basic Ruby typing exercises to gain more muscle memory throughout the day. Repetition is key!

One day at a time.

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