I am going to start sharing the progress of my spiritual walk. I really would love input on anything you read in this blog. My goal is to learn more about the true nature of our savior Jesus Christ. I hope that by tracking my study progress in front of the eyes of the public I can keep my self accountable to good habit making. I also pray that if it is God’s will, I can encourage other believers to keep looking and I hope to possibly connect with other truth seekers.

To let you know who I am I will include a short background testimony. I have only accepted Christ as truth about four months ago. Before that I always had a strong spiritual faith, but I thought, “What human could really have the name of God right?” However, I realized that my faith could not grow with that mentality and I also could not communicate my faith to anyone else. So, I decided to start seeking the truth.

I am about to be Baptized into the Seventh Day Adventist Church. This is where I am in my life thanks to the mercy of God. I welcome people from all walks of life to challenge me with questions. Let’s grow together.

Glory to God,


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