My Views on Animal Cruelty

Animals are creatures that have no say for themselves and a choice of their own good. The horrendous, cruel, and continuous suffering that these animals go through, in my opinion, should be enough to shut down and stop their captivity. Yet, in this decade we are far from achieving that goal. I believe that instead we should stop using animals as an entertainment purpose, no longer breed animals that live in captivity, there should be more sanctuaries than zoos or aquariums, rotate the animals back in the wild so they do not live out their whole life in captivity, and most importantly to no longer keep captive large animals like whales or elephants.

I oppose animals being used for entertainment purposes to perform tricks in front of an audience. By using them as entertainment, we are then becoming selfish and unethical human beings looking out for our own satisfaction. We are not thinking about these animals’ rights or feelings by leaving them in cages all day or feeding them when they only perform a trick correctly. These facilities like Sea World or Circuses should end their practices and let their animals live freely. More sanctuaries should exist than zoos or aquariums. In sanctuaries, these animals will have a larger living space and are mostly there for a short time or to be nursed back to health. The public should visit these sanctuaries or observe them in the public.

Many zoos will breed their captive animals to lure in more visitors and revenue to see their babies. Little do people know that there are great downfalls to this. After a baby grows to be a mature adult, many zoos will ship them off to other facilities or in the past have killed their surpluses. Instead of breeding in captivity, they should rotate the animals that they have and release them back in the wild, and take in animals that need help.

Facilities cannot provide animals with enough space, especially ones that are large or need to roam for miles a day. These cages that the animals live in are very small compared to their natural settings. Some animals need to travel 10 to 100 miles a day, they need to live in family groups (not with 2–5 others), and they need to live in a rich and real environment. You cannot put a whale or dolphin into a swimming pool for their whole entire lives. To fix the density of zoo cages, they should no longer keep animals that are relatively large and need room to travel and they should expand the other cages.

Instead of going to the zoo and feeding them more money, we instead should donate that money to organizations that protect captive animals and animals from becoming captive. We should help save their habitats instead of making more prisons for these animals. People should choose to go observe these animals in their natural and real settings or watch documentaries if they want to learn more about them. Zoo’s and aquariums need to consider that animals are living creatures just like us humans are.

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