Can We All Get off the Trump Train for a Minute?

I’m not not writing this because I’m a Democrat, and I’m not writing this because I’m a woman. I’m writing this because every day, I turn on the news and see how Donald Trump talks about people and it makes me sick.

The way he talks about women. Muslims. Mexicans. Democrats. His own daughter — I won’t even begin to start with that one. President Obama. John McCain. THE MILITARY FOR GOD’S SAKE! THIS MAN WANTS TO BE THE PRESIDENT AND CAN’T RESPECT VETERANS. I’m sure you’ve heard it all, so I won’t continue. You all have Google.

So believe it or not, I’m not trying to push any political views on anyone — I know that those of you who refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton probably won’t get to the end of this letter, and even if you do, nothing I say is going to change your mind. And I don’t really blame you, because frankly — much to my mother’s disdain — I’m not the biggest Hillary fan either. But I’m begging you now: please vote for Hillary Clinton come November.

For most of my friends, especially if you are a straight, white, privileged male in this election, you have nothing to lose if Donald Trump assumes the presidency. In fact, you may feel you have something to gain — in the form of taxes, perhaps, or wider gun privileges (excuse me while I shudder)… But if you are anyone else in this election, you will understand me when I say that I am truly terrified.

It astounds and petrifies me that Donald Trump — a straight, heterosexual male who has never, I presume, become pregnant — is threatening to establish laws forcing women to carry pregnancies to term. Even scarier is the idea that he wants to criminally punish women for having abortions, something so extreme that it’s never ONCE even been considered as an addition to the Republican Party’s platform.

I’ve forgiven the fact that Donald Trump has assumed that all Hispanic immigrants are Mexican. But I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN his atrocious and completely invalid notion that all Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals. Truly sickened myself, I cannot begin to imagine how anyone of Mexican descent felt hearing those words, and my heart goes out to anyone of Hispanic heritage having to listen to his atrocious commentary throughout his entire campaign.

On a personal level, it scares me as a South Florida native that Donald Trump plans to deport a great deal of some of my closest friends. These families, who all immigrated to this beautiful, accepting country to provide a better life for their children, have raised some of the most resilient, most caring, and most inspired individuals I have ever known. It pains me to think that Donald Trump — whose own wife is non-native, by the way — thinks of my brilliant, hardworking friends like freeloaders in this country.

And I just can’t wrap my head around his slogan, “Make America Great Again”. First of all, who are you to decide that America isn’t great anymore? And how, exactly, are you as a singular being — who, by the way, was designed by the Founding Fathers to not hold absolute power — going to “restore its former glory”? By pulling out of all of our trade deals and alienating us from all of our global allies? By making women go back to being secretaries and housewives? By kicking out all the Muslims? Speaking of which, I know some pretty kickass Muslims, individuals who are gentle, and creative, and wouldn’t dare hurt a fly. (I also know some pretty screwed up white people and you don’t see anyone launching a campaign to get rid of all the white people.) There are malicious, incredibly dangerous individuals from every ethnic group, every country, every religion. There are also brilliant minds with caring hearts from each of those same groups. No one, least of all the President, should be spreading the message that everyone belonging to a certain religious or ethnic group is exactly the same. Along this logic, Trump could conceivably be compared to Dylan Roof, or Adam Lanza, or the dozens of other white, exclusionary males who have committed hateful acts against innocent people.

Yes, I realize that there are a lot of problems with our country. I understand that 100%. I even understand that Donald Trump is offering some tempting solutions to those problems in terms of jobs and the economy. It’s not my place, nor is it within my realm of knowledge, to determine whether he is capable of fixing those problems. But what is my place is to ask you this: please, I beg of you, do not vote for Donald Trump. Do not vote for the man who makes me feel terrified that I’ll wake up one morning and have lost my friends forever. Do not vote for the man who doesn’t respect 50% of our country’s people. Do not vote for the man who devalues and sexualizes women. Do not vote for the man who will bring our country back 50 years on social issues. Do not vote for the man who inspires hate and outrage every single day.

I’m not saying you have to like Hillary. I’m not saying you should become a Democrat. But please, for my sake, for your sake, and for the sake of every child in America who needs someone decently respectable to look up to in the White House, please vote for Hillary in November.