The world is different now. We know that much. We don’t know what the future looks like quite yet, but we know it will look different than it did on January 1, 2020.

I have owned my own service-based Marketing business for just over five years. I spent less than $100 to start it and I’ve seen a lot of success come from it. Some months are better than others and some days are more fun than others. Some clients are the best and some are the worst. It has given me both flexibility and sleepless nights. …

“Think of the three pillar process of Social Media like a tripod holding a camera. The camera is your business and the tripod is the way you market it on Social Media. Take a leg away and your business falls.”

Using Social Media is the social norm. We know this because in the same way that our grandparents traded in their flip phones for iPhones, they now also now have Facebook accounts. Social Media is second nature to every generation.

Consumers use Social Media to get information, share information, read opinions, share opinions, look at pictures, post pictures, find a…

Lindsey Dempsey

Owner of Elite Market Savvy and Creater of Out of the Box Marketing Ideas.

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