I understand your concern.
Memphis Blues

Hmmm…I don’t think you understand my concern. You argue that a bare-bones plan might be wise for someone under 30, but again, health is unpredictable. A catastrophic plan is better than nothing, but may still bankrupt you and your family if you get in an accident or get diagnosed with cancer — and with the removal of folks with pre-existing conditions into high-risk pools, that unfortunate 25 year old will now be barred from traditional insurance — or may not be able to get insurance at all.

And what about unhealthy folks under 30? Folks with Type 1 Diabetes and genetic disorders and other illnesses outside of their control? Do they “deserve” to be crippled financially the rest of their lives and/or die early because its inconvenient for you to be in the same insurance pool?

Frankly, a selfish, “I got mine” attitude ultimately hurts even the lucky few who are in excellent health. I don’t want to live in a world full of unhealthy people — bombarded with desperate GoFundMe campaigns every other day, seeing friends, family, & neighbors struggle to pay medical bills, being exposed to more sick people with communicable diseases, seeing people with mental health issues struggling with homelessness and yelling at me on the bus — I want those people to be healthy and have access to care! (I mean, I also want those things because I’m not a monster and I give a shit about other people). I’m not planning on having children, but I will gladly pay for insurance that also covers pregnancy for other women, because I want those women and babies to be productive, healthy members of society — the society I also live in.

The taxes I pay go towards roads I will never drive on, and schools I (and my non-existent children) will never attend, and to fund social services it’s possible I will never use. However, that’s part of living in a civilization — and I’m grateful for the roads I do get to use, and the services I do access (like libraries and museums), and the health coverage I currently have (even though I’m not using all the benefits all the time).

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