I would actually be interested in hearing more about how you negotiated down your rent increase.
Born Secular

I pretty much just ask. Last year they tried raising it $50, and I said, essentially, “Hey, I pay my rent on time every month, I’m quiet and respectful of my neighbors, and I’d like to keep living here. How about $25?”

This year, they tried to raise it $60, I tried for $30, and ended up at $45. I figure the worst they can say is “no”, and it’s worth writing the semi-uncomfortable email to save $180–300 a year!

I’m sure you can find better advice out there — I was told to try for a two-year lease as a bargaining tactic, but they were not interested. My neighborhood has been gentrifying at hyper-speed the past few years, and they know the upward trajectory isn’t likely to slow.

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