The Financial Failure of Hobby Podcasting
Colleen M. McLellan

It’s easy and tempting to think of everything in dollars and cents — I fall prey to this a lot. Time=money and all that. However, like LauraSmash pointed out, your enjoyment is just as important. The feeling that comes with making something you’re proud of and sharing it with the world is, for me, unmatched. The act of creation feels vital and fulfilling, even without a paycheck attached.

I recently took an audio recording/editing class because I’m also interested in podcasting & audiobook narration. I was talking to my mom about it, stressing out about how much money it cost, saying, “Okay, so I’m going to have to earn X doing this to make up my investment, and Y to make it worth the hours put in…” and she wisely stopped me and reminded me that I had taken the class to learn a new skill — which I had. That in itself is valuable, even if I never earn a single cent doing it. And now, when I come home from my day job, at any time I can make a piece of art that never would have existed otherwise.

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