The drum of my heart meets your hands.


Worked up.

You calm the beat;

My breathing slows.

I lay back; look up.

Clouds scatter.

A smile breaks the flow of my tear.

A whisper of wind kisses my ear.

You turn your face upon me and I wail in relief.

“I hold your heart.” You say.

“I do not know my own heart.” I say.

You sing over me; for a moment the beating stops.

It is only you, who holds my heart, that brings me back to life.

The One who whispers in my ear,

Plays with my hair in the wind of Her own breath.

I tremor in expectation.

I am undone.

You pick me up; lead me in slow dance.

By the song of your choice, we sway.

right, left, right.

Caressing my fingers, you say I have your same hands.

My eyes do not leave yours.

I’ve found rest.