Thank you for this thoughtful piece.
David Kinnear

David, I couldn’t agree with you more. I am saddened to see many of the things coming from some current leaders, especially some of the newly appointed cabinet members. The recent ballot incident with the GOP chairman in Montana, and the way the “travel ban” was executed both come to mind. I can’t help but just shake my head when I think of these things.

I am often baffled by the contradictions of people on both sides. For example, Republicans who say “less government is better” but then turn around and advocate for policy that places restrictions on women’s health care and marriage equality, like you said... or Democrats who say “women have the right to control our bodies and what happens to them, so government and insurance companies should stay out of our reproductive health care,” but then say “birth control should be provided for free by government and/or insurance” which of course means mandated by federal policy and paid for by taxpayers/other people in the insurance pool.

I also agree that the energy around the Republican party right now is pretty negative. The leaders need to stand up to do the right thing for all Americans, and stop pandering just to get reelected and keep their posts for another term. I like to think some Congressmen or Senators will tire of having their reputation dragged through the mud and eventually fight to redirect back to that pro-opportunity, pro-individual, pro-jobs side of the platform.

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