Lindsey, you mention the damaging effect of regulation at several points in your article.
Dan Garcia

Hi Dan, thanks for your comment.

I’ll mention three that I can think of. The employer mandate of the ACA, which requires businesses with more than 50 employees to provide health care insurance to at least 95% of FTE employees is one example. Providing health insurance is a huge expense which has prevented some small business owners from expanding or hiring more than 49 employees because the extra costs would negate any additional benefits of expanding their business.

The FDA requirement for restaurants and food vendors to publish calorie counts on menus is another. The requirements impose additional costs on food sellers, which inevitably are passed onto consumers. A majority of peer-reviewed research shows evidence that awareness of caloric content does not change consumers’ menu selections. Additionally, research shows that calories are a misleading way to measure the nutritiousness or “healthiness” of a food — many say we’d be better off minding the amount of sugar we consume rather than calories.

Third and the last I’ll mention are the onerous requirements physician practices and hospitals have been forced to comply with to qualify for payment by public and private payers. The requirements, although some have expedited timely innovation that has been helpful, many have imposed on practices administrative burdens that take away from patient care and leave patients with a less than good experience. And now, also mandated by federal legislation, patient experience ratings are considered part of what determines what payers will agree to pay a physician or hospital.

I know much of this is healthcare related (I work in healthcare so it’s what I study most). A couple non-healthcare issues many have expressed opposition to include over-taxation on businesses that stifle growth and common core standards which aren’t helping improve education standards.

I’ll also restate my recognition that we do need a central governing body that can set and carry out policies that protect us as citizens and ensure our ability and opportunities to prosper are not threatened or squandered.

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