You softened the sharp edges of the republicans but totally glossed over the realities of a…
Sue Emrick

Sue, thanks for your response. I am absolutely aware of the realities of the lack of opportunities, resources and privileges that limit many people. I lived in Chicago (now live in Joliet just south of Chi) and spend a lot of time volunteering with programs that work with children that live with the types of circumstances you describe.

I managed my fiance’s (Democratic) campaign last year, and we spent hundreds of hours talking to voters, including those in the poorest and most racially diverse areas of the city we live in. It was my favorite part of running the campaign, because talking to people is the only way to know what actual people are going through, not just what the news outlets and polls tell us.

I have to say your assumption that I surround myself with only white middle class people is a little judgmental and quite off putting. I have many friends of other nationalities, sexual orientations, ages and economic statuses, and spend a lot of hours talking with all of them about the issues they care most about. I have to vehemently disagree that I have trouble seeing beyond my bubble. I walk everywhere I go in Chicago so I have no choice but to see and hear and learn about the things going on around me.

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