• Jason Tanner

    Jason Tanner

    Dad, Husband, Product guy, Seeker of wisdom & sanity, Agilist, Marine, CEO Applied Frameworks

  • Brianna Crowley

    Brianna Crowley

    Sometimes I think at light speed. Trying to stay a step ahead of hangry. Looking for the experience around the corner. Educator | Story-obsessed | Media Cynic

  • Kevin Harris

    Kevin Harris

    A Christ follower. Husband to 1, father to 4, friend to many. Lead Pastor of Lawrenceville Church of God @LCOG & Snellville Church of God @SnellvilleCOG.

  • Patricia


    School Counselor of the Year, Teacherpreneur, Co-founder of BTS Student Leadership Academy and co-author of curriculums. A lover of God, innovation & people.

  • Jason Collier

    Jason Collier

    Busy lifting small cars over my head & saving pregnant women from drowning.

  • Whiteboard


    Whiteboard is an interactive design & development firm focused on people and their exchange with technology.

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