Here’s How To Use Snapchat Filters On Instagram Memories

Instagram recently released “Memories,” basically Snapchat, except all on the Instagram platform with a few differences.

The filters on Instagram Memories are really more like color changes, the neon marker feature is fun, but if you’re missing filters like the puppy dog face, golden butterflies butterflies, or face swap from Snapchat, fear not. Here’s how to take your Snapchat filters to Instagram Memories.

Open Snapchat, and take your desired photo with your favorite filter.

Save your image to Snapchat Memories

Open your Snapchat Memories, and hit the “My Snap” button in the top left corner, and select “Export Snap”

Open Instagram, go to your home page, and hit the plus sign on the top left, and when the camera page opens, swipe down.

From there, you’ll see your camera roll. Select the image you saved earlier from Snapchat, and edit however you desire with text and image filters on Instagram memories.

Once you’ve finished, just hit the check mark at the bottom of the screen to upload your image to your Instagram Memories.