Think Twice

Judgment. Defined by an opinion or conclusion. Shaped and formed by perception. Thought within — and although better kept within, more often than not, finds a way to seemingly creep to the surface. When evoked and expressed, it brings with it potential — to sting, cut and scar. Leaving those on the receiving end to cope with the healing.

Words are more powerful than given credit for. When meticulously put together, they are capable of intelligently expressing thoughts, tone, voice and emotion. They can effortlessly flow from the silent mind out into the chaotic world. This is where the potential lies.

Here’s a challenge. Open your eyes, heart and mind. The more you open up, the more you give. Many have traveled the distance from the point where they started to find the peak of contentment, confidence, excellence or whichever destination they were inclined to reach (and continue reaching for). So while it might be easy to pass, draw and make assumptions while people are on their journey — why not silence the voice in your head? Rather, look with intentions to reach out a hand that will help guide them. Show support. Provide a shoulder to lean on when they are feeling restless. Utilize your words to encourage them to keep striving for that peak. Let your heart overfill with joy and spill out unconditional love. If we look with an eye for an eye, the whole world will go blind — so remember to love. ‘For where there is love, there is no sin.’

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