Bringing Education to East Africa — and How You Can Help!

Lindsey Urquhart
Sep 18, 2017 · 3 min read
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Today I am excited to spread the news about an amazing cause started by two strong women who have dedicated their lives to helping other women achieve success and happiness.

Did you know that 2 out of 3 girls in sub-Saharan Africa will never attend school?

It’s different to think of a childhood where school is not in the daily routine. But for girls in Mozambique, Africa attending school is a privilege hard to come by. Due to high unemployment rates, parents do not have the funds to support their child’s education. Additionally, as most parents did not receive an education themselves, there is no understood value in providing an education for their children. As a result, many girls are encouraged to stay in their villages, get married, and have children at a very young age, depriving them of rising to their greatest potential and gaining knowledge, success, and abundance.

“In 2015, the literacy rate was 58% for people over 15 years old. “Literacy” is defined as “being able to write a short, simple statement in everyday life.” — Knoema

For these girls, an education is more than just routine. It opens their world up to endless possibilities. It gives them the chance to receive vaccines, to avoid HIV contraction, to have access to jobs, to earn money, and most of all it allows them to dream bigger and have the tools to chase those dreams, turning them into reality. We need to stand together, in unity and fight for our future female leaders.

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Girls in Mozambique excited to learn!

Kurandza, meaning “to love” in Changana, the local language of Mozambique, is a non-profit social enterprise that is dedicated to investing in the future of girls in Mozambique. Listening first-hand to the needs of these women, Kurandza has created various educational, entrepreneurial and sustainable development programs to help support and create an abundance of opportunity across the country.

“Across sub-Saharan Africa, 9 million girls will never attend school compared to 6 million boys.” — UNESCO

This month, the founders of Kurandza (Elisabetta and Percina) created the #IStandForGirls campaign to help bring awareness to girls education in Mozambique, bringing education to 100 girls. A small donation of just $20 per month covers fees, supplies (notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers and art supplies), a backpack, a uniform, daily transportation to school, photocopies for homework and exams, and school books — for one girl. In order to send 100 girls, Elisabetta and Percina need our help to get the word out and bring donations in. 100 monthly donors, contributing $20 per month will help them reach their goal.

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I stand for girls because I believe all women deserve an equal chance at an education. These women are more than a statistic. They need the chance to rise above and beyond their greatest potential. I am fighting for these girls in Mozambique, and those facing the same challenges around the world.

The beautiful founders of Kurandza at the #iStandForGirls launch party. Percina (left) and Elisabetta (right).

Are you ready to be a part of the change? Why do you stand for girls?

Please visit to learn more, take action and donate to this beautiful cause!

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