**A speedy review/summary of Rothstein’s The Color of Law. Apologies for any typos and lack of clarity.**

Rothstein argues against the widespread perception that the residential segregation of blacks and whites in the US is a product of de facto segregation. Rather, he claims, it is a result of de jure segregation that occurred at multiple levels of government. He argues, “African Americans were unconstitutionally denied the means and the right to integration in middle-class neighborhoods, and because this denial was state-sponsored, the nation is obligated to remedy it.” (xiv)

He organizes the book by outlining different ways that the…

Representation is important, y’all. And, so if you’re feeling frustration at the recent uproar related to J.K. Rowling’s transphobic comments on Twitter, I encourage you to recommend books by queer authors or by authors that discuss queerness to your local libraries. By recommending books for your local public libraries, K-12 school libraries, and university libraries to purchase, you can help normalize queer narratives for younger generations and for adult readers. It’s important for queer folks to be able to see queer characters and authors in libraries and in the pages they read.

“Seeing yourself reflected in the world around you…

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Many thanks to the wonderful folks who contributed resources to this document — Amber A. Annis (Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe), Carolyn Heckman, Eli Konwest, Nicole McNeil, Sarah Park Dahlen, Katrina Phillips (Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa), Amber Rountree, Meredith Sinclair, Laura Sperry Gardner, & Lauren MacIvor Thompson.

As a historian of race, culture, and identity, I’m constantly tackling tricky issues of racial representation in my teaching and research. Despite this, I’ve long dreaded the day that I would need to confront one of my kids’ teachers about their Thanksgiving curriculum. Stereotypical and racist portrayals of Native peoples fill…

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You’ve reached an exciting new beginning — the start of graduate school. In many cases, this brings an opportunity to define yourself. By practicing professional behaviors from the beginning of your time in graduate school, you can adopt habits of professionalism, respect, thoughtfulness, and self-care before you begin your career. The following list provides tips to help you succeed in graduate school, internships and other work opportunities, and your future career.

Email and Communication

  • Check your university email regularly for announcements related to class and professional opportunities, as well as for essential university communication.
  • Use your personal email on your resume, linkedin, internship/job…

I have spent much of my life learning in Catholic Schools. I attended Catholic K-12 schools in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and graduated valedictorian of West Catholic High School in 2004. I completed a Ph.D. at the University of Notre Dame in 2016. I have spent time as an educator and a coach in a variety of private Catholic, Christian, and public schools throughout West Michigan and the country. I am grateful to West Catholic and these other schools for teaching me to value social justice, diverse worldviews, and critical thinking. …

Lindsey Passenger Wieck

is an educator, urban historian, and advocate for integrating local culture and history in the classroom.

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