Practicing Professionalism: A Graduate Student Guide

You’ve reached an exciting new beginning — the start of graduate school. In many cases, this brings an opportunity to define yourself. By practicing professional behaviors from the beginning of your time in graduate school, you can adopt habits of professionalism, respect, thoughtfulness, and self-care before you begin your career. The following list provides tips to help you succeed in graduate school, internships and other work opportunities, and your future career.

Email and Communication

Technology Use


Academic Honesty & Plagiarism

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Professional Conduct

Tips for Getting the Most Out of your Graduate Program

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Please feel free to share more tips and best practices in the comments below.

A Google Doc version of this document for use with students may be found here. Please feel free to adapt with attribution for any non-commercial purposes. (Note: some of the points more specifically deal with public history in this doc copy).

Document compiled by Lindsey Passenger Wieck, St. Mary’s University, August 2018.

Special thanks to Kristen B. Deathridge for her feedback on a draft of this document, and to Rebecca Wingo for helping name this piece. Many thanks to those who contributed items, ideas, and resources to this list via social media, including Caitie Bolich, Sheila Brennan, Emma Brown, Rocio P. Caballero-Gill, Charlotte Canning, Eric Chelstrom, Kristen B. Deathridge, Abigail R. Gautreau, Ann M. Little, Thomas M. Littlewood, Steven Lubar, David McKenzie, Mary E. Mendoza, Katie Orr, Catherine Osborne, MJ Rymsza-Pawlowska, Katy Kole de Peralta, Marc Reyes, Mary Rizzo, Hillary Richardson, Sara Ronis, Ryan Semmes, Lindsey K. Walters, Andy Verhoff, @eastern_branch, @m_arruth, @MidWestMuseums, @southernmuse, @stephanieohr5.

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0): Feel free to Share (copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format) and Adapt (remix, transform, and build upon the material) with attribution for non-commercial purposes.

is an educator, urban historian, and advocate for integrating local culture and history in the classroom.

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