To The Friend That Didn’t Stay In Touch

“Do you promise we’ll always be friends?” “I promise.”

I don’t want to say you lied. You just didn’t keep your promise. I mean, I saw you at that new year’s party a few years back. I guess we changed so much that I wasn’t who you remembered or maybe it’s because your boyfriend didn’t like me. Either way, we had been best friends since the fifth grade and you threw it away for a guy you aren’t even with anymore. I guess, I don’t hold it against you. You always were a chameleon. Not with me, but with everyone else. I went away to school, I was alone, I texted you for five days, and you never responded. I was even more alone. The one person, for eight years, that I told every secret to and shared every thought with, suddenly was gone. Poof. Where’d you go old friend? Did you find new friends that suddenly made me seem less than dirt? Did you find friends you shared more laughs with or possibly weren’t as obnoxious? Do you ever think about those memories we shared. For instance, going to lunch every day and singing off key to songs from your favorite musicals as we pretended to be different people in different worlds, do you remember? I do. I wonder what I did wrong. Why’d you forget about me? Why didn’t you keep your promise? I often think if you were to come back we’d start right back at “Defying Gravity”. Then again I wonder if I could even share those memories with you, are they ours to keep? It’s been a while and I think you live in your world and I stay in mine. I hope you think of me. Then again, I wish you wouldn’t. I’ve grown up,I’m not that same person anymore, and from what I can see — neither are you.