The Human Experience

“We’re spiritual beings having a human experience.” — Julie Piatt

This simple quote changed my day, the way I look at things and how I think about myself. I’ve always been a spiritual person. I was raised in weekly Bible School classes. I went to Bible Camps in the summers. And I still attend Church where I live today — yet I’ve never thought about my life that way before… As my body being a bystander to my spirit and this short, fragile life simply a blessing to be a human.

In the inspiring podcast, “Quit the Nonsense” — along with Rich Roll and James & Claudia Altucher — Julie went on to explain that the power in understanding this connection between yourself and your spirit allows you to have full control over your thoughts, emotions and actions — by essentially looking at yourself as a little child within that you are taking care of and comforting.

“You can connect with that greater self and actually comfort yourself and take care of yourself the way you would someone else.” — Julie Piatt

This way, the importance of physical things becomes metaphysical — such as eating well and exercising which become more important than just the physical benefits — they matter in maintaining a healthy being in the human body you were given.

“If you just look at it logically and look at the cosmos and look at really how meaningful are we as a species, you can offer your entire life to that force… you don’t take any of the credit… When something great happens, it’s not yours. When something awful happens, it’s not yours. You’re simply serving.” — Julie Piatt

Basically meaning that by connecting with your greater self, or your spirit, you are able to emotionally detach from events that would normally cause anger or fear — simply by understanding that they are all forces of energy intended either to challenge you or guide you and not feeling the burden of responsibility to react perfectly — rather the best you can given your circumstance.

This separation of body and spirit also takes a lot of the societal pressure off of everything — from day-to-day decisions to your overall identification as a person and allows you to truly listen to your heart. That is exactly what I did when I decided to leave my full-time job at a tech startup in Silicon Valley to write a Romance/Fantasy novel. Was that the best financial decision for me as a 25-year old in San Francisco? No. But does it make my heart happy? Yes. And nothing matters more than that.

This podcast is now a part of my journey — in affirming that following your heart and soul in a journey to continually spiritually transform is the key to fulfilling the time we are given on earth… to serve.

Originally published at on August 14, 2015.