It kind of sucks this has to be prefaced but before anyone accuses me of racism or defending the…
Brylar Foustark

Maybe you’re right about the police not hearing the gun. I am not a gun expert. But the fact that a white man can claim self defense of another person (lol what the fuck is wrong with our laws) and be confident that such a defense would work is just messed up on a whole other level. Because black people can’t do the same. As for Long’s defense of the elderly man, it’s unlikely anybody has footage that can prove that man was afraid, that is an unreasonable request. But the link I provided shows a photo of the elderly man behind Long and tells the story.

Keep in mind, I’m not a DA trying to build a case. I’m a writer pointing out how fucked up things are.

I don’t much care if this white supremacist pulled the gun after seeing the flames. In fact, I’m pretty sure I lay this out pretty clearly in my post. Calling Long the n-word and possibly attempting to murder him is a massively disproportionate response clearly motivated by anti-black racism. That is my point. And yeah, maybe the can might have exploded, maybe hurting people nearby, but I think an intentionally fired bullet trumps that, don’t you?

I saw people react in the video. Just because they didn’t react like they do in the movies doesn’t mean they didn’t hear or notice. The person taking the video didn’t flinch, and obviously they saw it. Freezing up is a much more common reaction than ducking and freaking out. I also did not see any evidence of the shooter trying to get the attention of the police? I saw him duck back into the crowd of his fellow white supremacists to try and hide. What video did you watch?

The whole “don’t complain about this thing because then people will accuse every complaint about racism as being not good enough” argument is bullshit because A) racists say that about EVERY case of racism no matter how clear and B) just because this isn’t 100% straightforward doesn’t mean there isn’t a shit load of white supremacy at play here. If you were really informed about racism in this country you’d know that the entire self-defense thing in cases like this is another example of white supremacy at play because black people who have so much more clearly used a gun in direct self-defense, not racist, disproportionate retaliation like this clearly is, can’t successfully use that defense.

Again, this post is to point out the extent of white supremacy in the U.S. and our police forces, not to build a legal case. So your response comes off as very racist. You’re basically telling me not to talk about this because it’s not racist enough, which is classic white liberal treating anti-racism as a marketing campaign, acting like they know how to fight racism bullshit.

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