In this article, we highlight the problem with selling large token positions and how Hedgey solves it. This one is for founders, VC’s, and advisors.

The crisis of idle native tokens

If you look at the Gnosis analytics, you’ll see approximately $50 billion in assets locked safely away in their vaults as I write. While that figure may be jaw dropping, perhaps the more interesting insight is in the percentage of those coins that are native tokens (spoiler — its $45 billion.)

That is an incredible amount of capital, spread across thousands of teams with nothing to do beyond locking it away. While some of this…

High-level overview on what Hedgey does, who we are, and how you can use the Hedgey protocol for business.


Hedgey is protocol for creating options markets on any token. It is deployed to Ethereum, Polygon, XDAI, BSC, Fantom, and BSC. It is audited and being used as a tool for new and existing DAO token teams to sell new contracts allowing the additional sale of tokens above market rates in the future.

Primary benefits

  1. Selling tokens without creating downward price movement
  2. Selling tokens without negative signaling to a token community
  3. Generating additional capital beyond token selling events

Application of Hedgey

Options markets in decentralized finance…

Previously, we outlined the framework for Runway contracts and how they play a critical role in the long term financial health of DAOs and token projects. In this article, we’re outlining how Hedgey’s Runway Contracts can be used by the community members and buyers who purchase them.

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Runway Contracts are used by DAOs and token teams to generate more-stable treasuries without market selling tokens at current prices. To do this, they use the Hedgey Protocol to create simple agreements via smart contract that buyers can purchase for increased leverage and exposure to the long term upside of a project. …

In this article we outline how Runway Contracts help align the long term goals of token teams the communities who support them.

Runway Contracts: Aligned goals for token teams and communities

In building Runway Contracts for the Hedgey protocol, we spoke with countless token teams, DAOs, and the communities that support them. As we dove into the areas of opportunity, clear trends emerged in all conversations. First, token teams and DAOs held large treasuries of their native tokens, many of which are unlocked. Secondly, very few token teams shared a desire to market sell tokens. Unsurprisingly, their supporting communities shared this view.

An area that received less attention, but…

By popular demand, we’ve put together some common language and helpful ways to articulate Hedgey Runway Contracts.

Note: This is just a template. Please modify as you see fit. Most importantly, the Hedgey team is more than happy to work with DAOs on navigating the process. Please reach out to us on our Telegram

  1. Summary: Proposal for the DAO to create a set of “Runway Contracts” in collaboration with Hedgey to diversify treasury and raise stable coins and/or network tokens for current operations, as well as long term financial health of the DAO.
  2. Abstract: This discussion aims to begin a…

In this article, we lay out the Hedgey conditional agreement protocol, and how it’s being used by DAOs & Token Teams to build stable financial runways by using native tokens to generate treasury-diversifying stable coins/network tokens (ETH, XDAI, MATIC, AVAX, FTM, BSC)

The problem facing DAOs and token teams today

If you’re a DAO or token team, you have real costs. Payroll, management, legal, code audits, etc. create substantial ongoing costs for treasury teams. These costs often require USD-equivalent capital which can be in short supply for cryptonative treasuries. This creates a major obstacle for long term DAO viability.

In their 2021 research, Messari highlighted just how large…

Hedgey’s Conditional Agreements provide the most flexible way for DAOs and token teams to generate revenue today using idle native tokens.

Lindsey Winder

Cofounder at Hedgey —Repackaging traditional finance for specific DeFi needs. Find me on twitter

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