Push Him Off the Damn Cliff!!!

He’s not looking Demelza! Now’s your chance!!
Another good opportunity! Coming up from behind him. Give him a good shove!

“He kissed her. She turned her face away but could not get it far enough around to avoid him.

Her eyes were lit with anger. He’d never seen her like it and he found pleasure in it.

‘This is contemptible! I shouldn’t have believed it of you! To force yourself. To insult me.’

‘I don’t like this marriage to George, Elizabeth. I should be glad of your assurance that you’ll not go through with it.’

‘I love George to distraction and shall marry him next week.’

He caught her again, and this time began to kiss her with intense passion.

She smacked his face so he pinioned her arm.

‘You treat me — like a slut.’

‘It’s time you were so treated.’

‘Let me go Ross! You’re hateful, horrible!’

‘Shall you marry him?’

‘Don’t! I’ll scream! Oh, God, Ross. Please. Tomorrow…’

‘Ross, you can’t intend. Stop! Stop, I tell you.’

But he took no further notice. He lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bed.”



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