I wholeheartedly agree.
Karen Jurewicz

‘Republicans hold a 52–46 majority-’ Sessions appears to be a near-lock for confirmation.’

Dems tried but if you saw the hearings, you saw this…the broadcast went dark…‘While Senate Select Committee on Intelligence ranking member Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., began to speak about Russian interference in the U.S. election in his opening remarks, the lights shut off, plunging the room into darkness.’ Nobody could see the questions asked or the response.

Then this: ‘ Web surfers expecting to tune into C-SPAN’s online feed of debate in the House on Thursday instead saw images supplied by the Russian news site RT, which briefly interrupted programming on the network’s website. The website, www.c-span.org, was replaced by RT for about 10 minutes. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., later said she found it curious that she had just begun criticizing a Republican bill she contended would damage the regulatory authority of the Securities and Exchange Commission when the RT programming broke in. She also was criticizing President-elect Donald Trump for choosing someone with deep ties to Wall Street to lead the SEC. c-span viewers didn’t see any of it.

This is why Republicans hate Dianne Feinstein… the 83 yr old top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee. She had an operation on Tue to have a pacemaker installed. She was back on Thur. to fight the nominations.

What’s going on is amazing. Trump lies and lies daily and gets away with it.

Trump’s attacks on the ‘liberal’ media is the first thing to do on any fascist agenda. ‘Attack and discredit any opposing news source.’

Trump blatantly lied about the intelligence agencies’ investigation of the Russian hacking of the election which said that it definitely had an affect on the election. Trump publicly said that they ‘had not ascertained any evidence of interference and it’s just fake news from the left media.

Trump blatantly lied about the intelligence agencies’ investigation of the the dossier report about Trump’s sexual antics in Russia. Trump said they found it to not be credible. …a lie. They said they had no opinion of weather it was credible or not YET. The man who wrote it, an intelligence operator in the U K, has now disappeared. ‘His partners appeared scared when asked about his disappearance.’

Today: ‘Trump fires head of D C National Guard, Maj. Gen. Errol R. Schwartz, a 26 yr veteran (who also happens to be black). Schwartz said he did not know why he was being dismissed. “I’ve spent months planning for the inauguration.” Many protests are expected.

There’s so much about the big picture that it’s too scary to look at it all.

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