Right, because your God never said anything stupid:
Louis Weeks

Your willful ignorance stands out. You’re actually trying to assume that Obama doesn’t know how many states there are? He explained how that happened and the long pause after he said fifty. The parts you always leave out. Call me when trump ever explains his many errors…and he’s only been in office a few months, compared to Obama’s 8 years. Obama is famous for his speaking abilities. Something you’ll also try to deny.

And…it’s easy to believe that trump didn’t know that Israel is in the middle east because he says so many ridiculous things and so many lies every day that reflect his ignorance. Even you can’t deny that. You pulled this age old r w hit piece out of the archives because it’s all you have…from an 8 year presidency..and don’’t flood me with any other obscure speaking errors that I’m sure you’ve looked for that you try to make a ridiculous point with

..or your other ridiculous comment about Obama’s use of teleprompters. Every president uses them and he’s got tons of speeches without them.. Listen to trump trying to even read one, sometime. There’s a reason he reads them in 4 or 5 word segments. It’s all he can absorb at a time. Psychologists show you that he speaks at a fourth grade level.

And nobody considered Obama a god…however you show us that it’s how you perceive Trump. Obama was simply an incredibly intelligent president with more class than trump could ever hope for.

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