Andela Boot Camp: Day One

So today was day one of Andela Boot Camp….

The morning session was so much fun, we started with playing games. One game had a tricky formula, where you are required to do the opposite of what is asked. So if the team leader says jump and dance, you dance in place of jumping and jump in place of dancing. That one really got us going!

Then came the real part of the boot camp, the training. We got to learn about Test Driven Development, Git commands GitHub and did a few test runs using python.

The afternoon session was mainly working on assignments(which we still are doing as we speak!!!) We have a set time and are expected to deliver before time is up. The whole experience so far is really challenging since your mind is in constant code thought(i know that’s a thing). I love how we get to work with each other and challenge each other at the same time, especially getting to meet all the amazing ladies in the tech world.

Generally, this was the most fun and challenging session i have attended so far, i cannot wait to learn more!! Really looking forward to the rest of the boot camp!!!