The final step: Andela Boot Camp (Day 9/10)

Today is basically the last day of Andela boot camp, cohort 16. Project presentation begins tomorrow morning and runs through the day. We did our code defense today, where we got to present our code to a facilitator, explaining to them what each line of code was meant to do. This was done to ensure everyone wrote their own code and did not copy-paste it from somewhere.

To begin with, the day was as tough as yesterday. For some reason, my code kept getting stuck no matter how many times i got help to fix it. Today when I ran my code my program threw an error saying it could not find the referenced table in the database provided. Checking it again, I realized I had used the path to a different database as my engine initialization. Silly me! After fixing that issues, more errors, one after the other. At some point I thought of asking my learning facilitator to excuse me from having to present my project tomorrow. But then I reminded myself that I could never know my best until I tried everything to the last minute.

Finally, after several headaches, I have been able to get some functions to work. My project is building up step by step, slow as it may be, I believe that I am heading in the right direction. I am a little anxious about my presentation tomorrow, but I am trying my best to prepare for it.