Skateboards to Guitars

23-year-old Nick Pourfard is an artist, musician, and skateboarder who has taken his talents and combined them to create one-of-a-kind guitars.

This San Francisco based industrial design student and self-taught woodworker has combined his love for music and skateboarding and turned it into what he calls Prisma Guitars.

Prisma Guitars produces only 100% handmade guitars made from broken and used skateboard decks. Not one guitar is the same, from the color to the shape. Each guitar is a one off.

Nick has started expanding his brand by creating a line of guitar accessories. Just as the guitars, these accessories are exceptional pieces of work while being fully unique.

Each guitar is a true work of art with countless hours of meticulous perfection poured into every piece.

Nick has turned his passions and hobbies into a successful business. He is a true believer that he will never work another day in his life as long as he is doing something that he loves.

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Originally published at on September 21, 2015.