Building a Foundation


I am a creature of habit. I am talking same iced coffee waiting for me by 8AM at my local coffee shop, same jewelry everyday that doesn’t even get taken off for shower time, and same route to work (even when there is traffic).

The kind of girl who enjoys being comfortable in her routine. Therefore, I have used the same tinted moisturizer (Mary Kay’s CC Cream) and face powder (MAC’s Studio Fix powder) as my foundation for the past five years. Using every last bit and then buying two extra for safety when the next runs out.

Over the past year I started reading/following beauty blogs and brands online and began to think, “Hmm. I like the way that looks. I should try it.”

And so I began my accidental experimental adventure into finding my perfect foundation. Because I wasn’t happy with my five-year comfort routine and I actually didn’t know that until…


The first new purchase I made was the Phase 1 Set (along with the face masks…Basically, I bought everything available) on Glossier. They’re social media/ marketing team really got me. I loved the Instagram, the site, and the packaging. I also loved that my sensitive skin could take the new products like a champ. And I loved it all… except the Perfecting Skin Tint. Well, not true, I liked it. I just didn’t like how it looked on me every day.

As a creature of habit, I just began to go back and forth between the two, doing whatever felt right at the time. Most days I work out in the AM, so I don’t shower/get ready until after 10AM and I realized with the multiple make-up options, my preference between my old routine and my new depended on time/place.


If I got ready for the day at home, I liked the new Glossier routine. I liked the process when I was in my bathroom with all my products and familiar lighting. Part of this probably had to do with one of the social media/marketing ploys that got me addicted to Glossier in the first place, which was their “Top Shelf”. I am all about organization and making your daily routine look/feel good.

However, on the go, post work out, I wanted more coverage/I wanted to not feel like I had to stop everything I was doing to have this glorified personal tutorial moment. I wanted my old routine. Except, now that I had tried something new, I was over my old routine.


One-day post-work out, I decided to just bite the bullet and ask someone with a little more insight some questions.

I went to NARS. They had just released their Velvet Matte Skin Tint and my boss had purchased it, and seeing is that she is one of my beauty idols, I decided that must be what I should get into next.

My impromptu visit to NARS was the best thing ever happened to me. The store manager was the only MUA available to help me aka my (unaware to me) make-up guardian angel. And she told me everything I needed to know about understanding what I actually wanted out of my face makeup. Which was not a Matte look, and not a powder finish, it was maximum coverage with moisture and minimum effort. It was my Glossier Priming Moisturizer and NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer (I just didn’t know it, yet).

I didn’t want a powdery look or an overly glossy look, I wanted a mix of the two, a glow. My skin is dry but not too dry so I can’t actually do a matte look. It is too cakey on my face.


Realizing what you can/want to spend, finding a brand that you want to invest in, and going in, sitting down, and asking for help is the most rewarding experience. Also, for me, learning that I can change my make-up habits is exciting and scary (for my bank account). If you are like me, you want to look/feel your best and are willing to spend the money to do so, especially for beauty’s sake.

Stick to your guns though, if you are there to try on foundation, don’t come out buying five lipsticks, or do. That is up to you.

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