I Started Seeing an Acupuncturist/Healer and it Changed My Life.

I know, I know. If you live anywhere outside of the state of California, you are probably rolling your eyes and saying, “You spent your money on that?” Yes, yes I did.

I grew up with extreme back pain that the chiropractor claimed was solely because of a curve in my back. But I became so dependent on getting my back cracked that I just stopped going to the chiropractor all together. I’ve tried everything: every kind of specialty doctor our insurance would and wouldn’t cover, yoga, Bengay, massages (weekly), heating pads, and Ibuprofen. And nothing was showing results.

The pain was chronic. I told myself that it was just a thing I had to deal with. I couldn’t enjoy working out (I had gained 30Ibs post college) and never even had the chance to learn how to work out properly because my back always hurt and so I just gave up. I took a hot bath every night and at least once a week cried because I was constantly in pain.

When you grow up with chronic pain, you get used to it. It doesn’t mean it hurts less, you just learn how to do adapt aka you form bad habits. For me that meant shutting down, binging, and sleeping too much. I let my back pain rule my unhealthy habits

“Woah is me”, I thought. Until one day, someone recommended a holistic healer to me. They weren’t the kind of person who I would think would go to see someone who has, ‘special healing abilities’ listed in their credentials, but they told me the way I talked about my pain made them think of a friend they know who works on people’s backs.

I looked at the website. This woman’s offices were located in Beverly Hills, and she catered to the celebrities. Her testimonials raved of her ability and I rolled my eyes. But I was desperate. I knew I had a skeletal imbalance and that she couldn’t fix that but I just wanted the sharp pain in my shoulders that caused headaches to stop. I just wanted to learn how to relax. And I wanted to learn how to be motivated enough to work out and lose those thirty pounds.

So I waited until my birthday, took all the money I had hoarded away in my sock drawer, and made an appointment. I paid upfront for ten sessions (it was expensive, but a better deal). And sat in the waiting room with my pulse racing.

She was worth every penny. I could lay out for you the waiting room, consultation, two months of weekly session process, but that is not important. What is important is that I found someone/something that eliminated a layer of stress I had carried for years. Which is the whole point of spending ridiculous amounts of money on “Silly” things. I mean, that is how they sell you on the next knew thing. Maybe it will work. Well, guess what I learned? Your emotional health is not silly. Essential oils, baths, clean eating, exercise; these things actually will help you over time.

What seeing a holistic healer did for me, was teach me how to emotionally process. I not only have a curve in my spine, but I carry all of my emotional stress in my shoulders (most women do). And I learned is that I don’t just carry my own, but other’s emotional stress as well.

Through acupuncture, Reiki work, and my healer’s natural ability to be able to connect with me on a deeper level (which is real, you will meet people through out your life who fundamentally understand you), I was able to feel results immediately.

The two months of a weekly hour and half of acupuncture/massage was the best feeling (indulgence) ever. But more importantly, finding something that worked for me is what changed my whole perspective.

I now understand myself better. Iris spent those two months’ worth of sessions explaining to me what triggered different pains in my body and how to be self-aware enough to know what I can/can’t give to others and how to handle that stress.

Because of the work she did I now enjoy working out, I’ve been able to lose twenty pounds through healthy diet and exercise, I don’t cry because of back pain, and I can say no to unhealthy relationships. I am able discern what is good for me in a much more aware state of mind kind of way.

What I learned is that whether we want them to or not, emotional issues tend to turn into physical pain and that there is something positive and healthy out there for you.

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