Ten Things I Wish Someone Would’ve Told Me Sooner: Girl On the Go Edition

We can all say we hate. But, everyone secretly loves a good list.

Lately, my life has been about prioritizing and simplifying in order to balance out the chaos of a freelance work week. Here are some things I wish I would’ve learned sooner.

  1. Drink iced black coffee or iced Americanos. Drinking from the straw will save your teeth some of the coffee stains, sans milk will save you the calories, and it’s cheaper.
  2. Buy at least four good sports bras and lots of socks. You aren’t going to do your laundry as much as you think you will. These necessities are worth the splurge.
  3. Buy tampons, razors, and bobby pins in bulk. These things always escape you and will never be there when you really need them. Also worth the splurge.
  4. Don’t bleach your dark hair unless you are prepared to chop it off because it will die no matter what. Even if you can afford celeb style treatment, they wear wigs and extensions. No one is safe from dead ends. And no one wants to spend all their money on Keratin treatments.
  5. Make sure you take a break on the gel manicure every few visits. It is too good/ painful to be true.
  6. It’s really okay to buy everything in black or white. Basics never die.
  7. Drinking juice can be good for you in moderation. There is a lot of sugar in fruit. And juicing is expensive.
  8. Save anything you could possibly need for your taxes in the same place. This will also save you from some extra stress lines/late night binging.
  9. Finding a good skincare regimen that works for you is worth your money.
  10. People you can count on are worth your time. It doesn’t matter who they know.

Save yourself some time and money with these tips. Trust me, your sanity will thank me next time you’ve got a last minute date and your razor is crusty.

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