Let’s Take a Walk Through Boulevard Park

Bellingham, WA

Bellingham, Washington, located in the far North West corner of the United States is home to Boulevard Park. Boulevard Park is known for it’s great walk path, Wood’s Coffee, and an over water boardwalk. Boulevard is an outstanding spot for a short adventure or just a serene place to get out and about near the ocean. The park is accessible for all ages. After a long day at work or needing to have a day out with the kids, Boulevard is the perfect location. Coming from another state, I was really adamant about discovering little getaways, in this new place I call “home.” One day, I came across Boulevard Park and would like to share the experience by giving an informative walk through as the Park is laid out.

Turning down Bayview Drive, visitors meet railroad tracks while getting a great view of of the overwater boardwalk. The boardwalk is connected to a trial head that is made of good use by bike riders, runners, or people interested in a peaceful scenic walk. The trail will eventually lead you into the quant area, Fairhaven, for more exploring. The trail is very beneficial to allow your mind to become at ease. The crisp waterfront breeze along with the sound of the waves brushing the pebble shore give off a calming vibe.

After enjoying the over water boardwalk, Wood’s Coffee is located near the park entrance. Wood’s Coffee offers many amenities from the hours between 6:30am and 8:00pm daily. May you be an early riser or needing some quite time in the evening. The shop allows for personnel to make use of their welcoming doors to enter an area with wireless internet, indoor or outdoor seating, and lovely snacks and coffee to enjoy during the casual stroll. Wood’s is also easy accessible with its outdoor order windows, for on the fly coffee.

A great time to catch tranquility at Boulevard is when the sunset escapes to below the mountain tops, just above the water. In the middle of the park, after enjoying the vanilla latte at Wood’s Coffee, washed up logs line the beach for a resting spot to enjoy the picture perfect view. Walking down to the water, the white sand soon turns to rocks and pebbles. Being so near to the shoreline may not be the place for you, so there are benches throughout the park. The park benches start on the pier and are spread out through the grass and sand beaches. Furthermore, there are several tables for a picnic at any hour.

Behind the rugged rock shore, green grass lies for visitors to bring a cute hairy pal with them. Boulevard Park is a great space for dogs and their owners to have a heyday together. A casual walk on the path or a game of fetch on the grass and water will make your pup’s day. Every time I am walking through the pathway between the grassy areas, I catch myself watching the dogs interact with their surroundings and showing the brightest emotions among their faces. Most of the time, the dogs are very friendly and energetic around others. If you’re lucky, you may meet some new friends on your day out.

Bellingham, Washington is a very welcoming city with lovely faces left and right. More specifically, I love the vibe I feel when I take a little getaway to the Boulevard Park. I was a little uneasy from moving to a completely new area, but I’m far more than pleased on the places in Bellingham, including Boulevard Park. Bellingham would be a wonderful place for one to up and move to on a limb. I would include Boulevard Park in an argument for anyone wanting to move to the North West area. The open nature of Boulevard makes for a great place to unwind from the day to day grind. Enjoying the escape with friends, family, furry pals, or even alone.