Breastfeeding in Paris

It is not at all easy to be a mom to be and especially not in a new city and in a culture that is so different from your own. I am Danish very, very Danish, also when it comes to the way I want to give birth and yes I plan on breastfeeding my baby — for some people I just said something very repulsive, but if you find that repulsive, you are the repulsive one.

It is scary to know that in less than three month there is a tiny baby who is depending a 100% on me and with the breastfeeding debate I now also have to worry about being yelled at or worse; that does not seem fair. So I have tried to find out what the French women do? Because even though it is very important to me, to keep being me, I do not want to step on anybody's cultural toes.

In the past five month I have seen two women breastfeeding; one in Starbucks in Versailles and one in a mall outside of Paris. I asked a French woman and she told me, that in France most women choose not to breastfeed.

It seems that I should just stay at home; Paris and perhaps even the rest of the world is not for breastfeeding moms.

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