6 Reasons Why Linen Cloth Is Better Than Any Other Material

Linen is a fabric made from the stalk of a flax plant. It is regarded as the best quality fabric in Europe. The finest linen cloth can be found in France and Belgium, which are known to provide the best climate for harvesting the flax plant. This amazing fabric is many times confused or related with cotton, but has a completely different feel, look and properties. Softens with every wash, linen tends to become softer and smoother with years; and can be used for decades. Though it was majorly used as the favorite sheeting material by the Europeans, today you can find shirts and dresses made out of them. Being a very durable fabric, linen has some impressive benefits, which makes it better than any other material.

Given below are the reasons that make linen everyone’s favourite:

1) Strength and durability — A fabric that wears off soon is never desirable. Linen is 30% stronger than cotton, which makes it highly durable. This is one of the reasons why Europeans get linen sheets in heirloom! The older the linen, the better.

2) Moisture absorbent –Linen is the perfect material for summer. With moisture absorbing properties, it can even be worn in the summer of Dubai! One of the main reasons why mens tailors in Dubai produce quality linen shirts.

3) Hypo-allergenic — Its hypo-allergenic property makes it ideal for anyone as it would not cause any allergies. It can also be used for sheeting and clothing for kids. Just remember to use the oldest linen for children, as the newer ones can be little starchy and uncomfortable.

4) Highly breathable — Woven in lower thread count, it has a breathable sew, which makes it great for warmer weather. An ideal wear for a sunny day!

5) Sound structure — Clothes made from linen keep their shape. It does not shrink or stretch — making linen shirts and dresses that can be worn for years!

6) Environmental friendly — Made from the stalk of flax plant, linen is a natural fiber. It requires less water and chemical to cultivate, which makes linen an environmental friendly material.