Designing Adverator.

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Orders page
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Hi! I am the lead product designer and art director of I’d like to share with you what myself and my great team of designers, product managers and developers at Adverator have been working this past year.

feature1: onboarding & shop experience

I used Framer to prototype a few different navigation options, and we decided to go with a sidebar navigation for individual accounts and buy & sell.

This would allow the user to quickly see their main account’s balance, recent transactions and make the primary actions accessible, such as send, request and scan.

Transactions on the other hand, would open as individual interactive cards.

feature2: order fullfillment

The previous send / request money feature was long form that users had to fill, requiring them to make several decisions before submitting. I wanted to make the process simpler and more inviting by breaking it up into steps.

In the first step, you would now enter the amount, either in your native currency or in bitcoin, and choose whether you want to send or request funds.

The animation was inspired by the Mail app, which pushes the underlying screen back, and brings up a new layer on top.

feature3: ad library

Most of my time went to designing the web app and features for it, including:

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