Reading list for Design Interns


master these tools

reference these rules
Butterick’s practical Typography (PDF)
Icon Design Guide
50 meticulous style guides

additional readings
Michael Beruit on How to Think Like a Designer (video)
Munchery: an Icon Design Case Study
Dropbox: The making of a 1 minute brand video
Google: Making Motion Meaningful

getting inspired

Design Agency: Pentagram
Design Agency: Huge
Design Inspiration Curation: Muzli
Website Inspiration: Siteinspire
Resources: Design For Startup

Product Design

master these tools
Learn Sketch: Tutorial Videos
Learn Prototyping with Framer
Master Chrome Web Developer Tools
Sketch/Framer Workflow

reference these rules

8 pt grid system
google material design

Airbnb’s Holistic Design System
ios human interface guidelines
UI Design 1 UI Design 2
UI Patterns
Responsive Patterns

additional readings
Identity Crisis: Designer Job Titles
The Design Team
Talk with Devs

How to deliver pixel-perfect design

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