A Simpler Email App Concept

Many features of our email apps rarely get used. And the ones we actually use need to be organized in a sensible hierarchy to avoid distraction.

As John Meada puts it in his book “Laws of Simplicity” :

Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.

This simple mail app concept is not to trying to re-skin the existing popular apps just for the sake of looking hip. The goals is to reduce and organize based on without sacrificing familiarity and meaning and achieve a good balance.

So what does this app let you do?

  1. You can browse all of your emails from all of your inboxes
  2. Reply to an email or send a new one
  3. “Save” important emails for easily access later(such as booking confirmation, bill reminder, or urgent info)

What doesn’t it let you do?

  1. Accidentally delete any email
  2. Show you the amount of “unread email”
  3. Micro-Organize(save for later, change inbox…)
  4. Get obsessed with “clearing out the inbox”

To be continued…

A few more screenshots for the details.

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