How To Snap Your Internal GPS Back in Place

We relocated from SoCal to SF Bay Area a couple of weeks ago.

(During that time, my almost-3-yo was potty-trained, and also gotten chicken pox… not a dull moment.)

A few days after we moved into the new house, when the chores that kept us on our toes eased up, I had a moment to freak out.

I didn’t know what to do with myself in this new place… I didn’t have a routine, and barely knew what is where.

Work grinded to a halt — I could hardly focus.

For a recovering Type-A overachiever, not getting stuff done can be nightmarish.

FEARS and DOUBTS set in, and I started “white-knuckling” through my business and marketing activities.

Forcing myself to sit at the computer and keep typing was doing more harm than good.

Productivity turned negative

Not only was I staring at the screen and not getting much done, the energetic misalignment resulted in communications that were unappealing to my ideal clients — who are highly sensitive and intuitive — are driving them away.

Fears and Doubts can be smelled from miles away.

Misaligned communications lack conviction with persuasive power.

I needed a time out.

I needed to tap back into my CORE, reconnect with my Conviction and get grounded in my Message so I can stop the busywork and get back to doing what truly matters.

I needed to tune in… and my way of doing so is to snap back into my body.

To feel the sun, the wind and the ground. To feel the bones and the muscles. To feel the heavy breathing. To feel alive.

Fortunately, Marin County in summer is not a bad place to be for this kind of thing. Over the following week, I dived in and…

  • Hiked the famous Dipsea Trail, and explored the Muir Wood area logging 15 miles over two days. Realizing that when walking a new trail, sometimes it’s just about putting one foot in front of the other and trusting that the path IS there.
  • Picked up running again after a long hiatus due to tendinitis, and covered 20 miles during the week. And surprisingly, the injury got better — there IS value in putting one foot in front of another.
  • Took 4 hot power yoga classes and I swear, I didn’t even sweat that much during spin class.
  • Cycled 80 miles and climbed a total of 7,000+’ in 2 days, including some crazy descents with sweeping views of the Big Sur shoreline.

Now I am sitting down to write, in a sea of calmness.

Internal GPS back in action.

I snapped my mind back in with my body, the best BS detector to tell me when I am not heading the right direction for ME.

I return to my process of nailing my Core Message, finding the WORDS and making a PLAN:

I reconnected with my Message, and heard the Conviction in my voice again. The Conviction that silences fears and doubts.

I recommitted to the WORDS that tap into who I am, so I can create communications align with and appeal to my dream clients.

I reassessed my PLAN of action so I can cut the busywork and do what truly matters.

I am settling in. Not just the new environment, but also a deeper sense of grounding into the physicality of finding my PLACE in the world — which starts with creating calmness and alignment from within.

If we cannot find a sense of place, grounded-ness, and alignment within ourselves, we will also be antsy, be fearful of being judged by others, be fearful of missing out, and be sucked in the hamster wheel of bright shiny objects.

It’s not just some woo-woo feel good thing. If you are like me, and work with highly creative, intuitive, multi-passionate and multi-talented clients — any energetic misalignment that seeps through in your communication can drive them away. And you don’t want that… right?

Now it’s your turn… how does your internal GSP let you know things are off, and what is YOUR way of snapping YOUR internal GPS back in place? Leave a comment below and let us know!

If you would like my help to do a little chiro adjustment for your communication… let’s have a chat.

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Originally published at on July 14, 2015.