Recently I had conversations with a few clients who provide coaching and services that are more “esoteric” in nature. They had a hard time with the typical “marketing” trainings — they were told to talk about “specific” outcomes, like “get 10 clients” or “lose 20 pounds”, but the nature of their deep work creates transformation that varies widely according to the client.

It’s very possible to write good marketing copy to communicate the “benefits” of these services. We just need to dig deeper and ask more questions.

That requires a good understanding of your ideal client, and instead of talking about “vague” results (e.g. more self love, stepping in the divine feminine etc.), look at your process & superpowers, and map them to the SYMPTOMS when those results not achieved.

Paint vivid pictures… get into the “day in life” of your ideal clients. What do they walk around complaining about?

I bet your ideal clients won’t wake up in the morning and say “damn, I need more self-love and self-respect!” but she may think “shit, I have all these things on my calendar to do today that isn’t really my responsibility! Why did I say yes? I don’t even like those people! I really don’t have time for these things, but what are others going to think if I bail?”

Many of my clients also have challenges when it comes to “closing the sale.”

They are great at making connections with their prospects, who are emotionally drawn to working with them and their “guts” are on board. But when it comes to opening the wallet, we need to get the “left brain” on board.

I like to ask my clients this question — What would your potential client need to know so she can walk up to her spouse and tell him why she has to invest in your services?

“Spouse” can also mean their “logical mind” or friends and family who may question their decisions. The key is to create communication that speaks to the “logical mind” (people buy with emotions, but they need to justify with logics)

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