The Story of Snipy

Everyone of us like to stay updated on things happening around the world.

How do we get to know that?

Using Google now! where google get back cards of articles around the world matching your interest. Or most probably some top news application from Playstore, app store etc. anyway you will end up reading the whole article .

Few paragraphs which says about the back story of the news article of what it is headlined with, a paragraph of author thought, after twitter came up, they have added twitter trends matching this news headline, which was very nice though.

But what we at Snipy believes is that, we have to give the reader two options , one to read full article with all those stuffs mentioned above and a summarized content of the same as well.

The article summarized with an aim in mind that , it should not spoil the quality of the article published. but to shorten it in a way, that the summarized content have to say only about the Headline which was given for the article.

I will break it down to you in a much broader way. Consider that the news article was about

Leonardo DiCaprio Wins Best Actor — Oscar.”

The Published Article was written with the information containing, how many times Leonardo was nominated before for oscar, author thought on why he won this time, the acceptance speech he gave on the stage, an overview of the movie story and some other stuff.

Snipy summarize the content in a way that, it will contain only the following information.

For which movie he won oscar for, the acceptance speech he gave on the stage, an little overview of the movie story.

People have lot of content to read online now, why can’t we summarize news articles for them , so that they will read more in lesser time, or know more in lesser time.

We have released an Initial version of the app in Google play store which you can dowload and use.