Without e-ID Card, All of Your Activities Will Be Compounded!

Do you know the end of September 2016 the old ID card was not valid? Yes, this time the Indonesian government is promoting the use of e-ID card. Then, what is the e-ID card it? e-ID card is a document or a population that includes a security system from the administration or information technology that is based on national population database.

By using e-ID card, the public is only allowed to have one ID card listed ID number and valid for life. Authentication Identity Card (e-ID) in the e-ID cards using fingerprints. Fingerprints were recorded totalling 10 fingers, but stored into the chip number only two fingers, the thumb and forefinger of the right.

If you do not immediately have an e-ID card, what happens? Public services you will not be processed! Because, Ministry of Home Affairs (KEMENDAGRI) will disable the population data of e-ID has not been recorded until 30 September 2016. These services include services such as immigration, driver’s license, insurance, and others.

In addition there are many more public services that can not be accessed if you do not record e-ID card. This is because the old ID card disabled. Whereas the data from the old ID cards that form the primary of public service.

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