Lizzie Fletcher, Hope of TX07

Very excited to meet TX07 Congressional Candidate Lizzie Pannill Fletcher again at her third Campaign office opening party at 10535 westheimer rd, a huge office that she offered to help fellow state race candidates Rita Lucido and Marty Schexnayder. After Rita and Marty spoke, Lizzie gave short speech that inspired the supporters. Please watch Live streaming of Lizzie speech here:

I still remember the first time when I met Lizzie at my first Katy Area Dem Monthly meeting one year ago when Lizzie was invited to speak. She impressed me as very smart in wisdom, strong in will, sweet in manner, and I liked her immediately. We both attracted to each other and she eagerly invited me to have a breakfast meeting and I eagerly agreed to meet and discuss Campaign strategies with her.

Our second meeting is at some restaurant for breakfast. She is a good listener and determined candidate. With my husband joining me I shared all my experiences campaigning for former Congressman Nick Lampson, Former Mayor Annise Parker, and Presidential Candidate Hillaryclinton. And I personally endorsed her as well as my group AADC right there.

Lizzie is such a strongly qualified candidate that gained Emily’s List endorsement and continue to gain momentum that she won primary to my expectation. Last time I met her at an AAPI community primary candidates debate, after the debate I was pretty sure she would be the winner.

She has demonstrated a very clear mind, logical reasoning skills with the profession legal training, Good understanding of community problem after being business lawyer for decades, and the passion as home grown daughter of this district as well as her deep thought well planned solution. to help resolve community problem.

After winning the primary, She carried the momentum and kept building on top of it, TX07 became flippable!!! Lizzie was endorsed by DCCC as one of the three TX flipping candidates. Unbelievable a woman small like her is going to unseat a long time GOP incumbent John Culbertson. This tells us a lot that TX07 is tired of the GOP leadership that has done nothing for the community. They are eager to change, want to send a woman to clean the “House”, and here comes Lizzie Pannill Fletcher with polling of 47% to John Culbertson 45%. Aren’t we proud of Lizzie?

Please come to the new office and start help our campaign! Our future is in our hand, our voice is in our vote! Let’s do our part, and Lizzie will do her part!