Share Your Lingo with Anyone, Even PC Users!

Product update!

Ever since our launch we’ve heard from many teams where the design departments are using Lingo but other departments like sales, are unable to access their team’s visual assets in Lingo because they’re on PC’s. Today we’re happy to announce this will no longer be a problem because Lingo now has web access. Every Lingo user can access and download their own or their team’s assets on the web — that’ right without the mac app. Just simply log into your Lingo account, go to your dashboard, and select a kit. With this update Lingo becomes a single source of truth for your entire team, not just the departments using Macs.

In addition to web access we’ve also added private and public asset sharing. This means you can share your Lingo with anyone in just a few clicks. Now, if you’re discussing a design with a team member in Slack and need to reference an asset in Lingo, just select the asset, hit the share button in the upper right corner of the app, and copy the web link. Similarly, if you need to share an entire kit of your company’s press materials with people outside of your team, just select the kit, hit the share button, and generate a public web link. Now anyone who selects that link can access the assets in the kit, no sign-in required. You can see an example of a public kit containing our brand’s assets here. To start using these features today make sure to update your Lingo.

We hope all of these new features make it easier than ever to share your team’s Lingo with anyone! As always if you have any questions please reach out to us or contact us on twitter at @lingo_app.