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Grovo is reimagining learning for today’s workforce and boasts an incredible visual language.

Every brand has a visual language that is used to construct it’s identity. At Lingo, a visual asset manager for teams, we’re fascinated by the stories behind these visual languages. Because of this we’re interviewing some of the amazing brand’s in our community so we can share their visual voice with you! The first customer we’re profiling is Grovo, a learning solution built for the needs of a modern workforce…

How would you explain Grovo’s visual aesthetic?

Grovo’s visual aesthetic aligns with our brand attributes, company culture, and product vision. Thus, our illustration style is simple and colorful, which compliments the clean, minimal design of our platform and marketing materials. Our aesthetic was carefully codified to stand out in learning and development — an industry in which design feels antiquated, clunky, and honestly, horrific. We see this as a huge opportunity to change that perception.

“ We were constantly asking ourselves if our executions felt as playful and disciplined as the Grovo brand itself. ”

What was the inspiration?

A lot of our inspiration came from the Grovo brand and product. Our team set out to create a focused visual language that stands out as truly unique and refreshing to Grovo users. As the design team worked together to develop our illustration style, we were constantly asking ourselves if our executions felt as playful and disciplined as the Grovo brand itself.

As we were developing our visual aesthetic, we looked at a lot of iconography and illustration work by some our favorite designers for inspiration — Fraser Davidson, Justin Mezzell, Jay Fletcher, just to name a few. We found ourselves drawn to colorful geometric illustration styles that felt playful but were executed with utmost design discipline

“ Our illustrations serve as an extension of our culture — our ability to bring fun, humor, and positivity into any situation is a hallmark of Grovo. ”

We love the playful nature of the illustrations on your site, can you tell us little bit more about them?

Our illustrations serve as an extension of our culture — our ability to bring fun, humor, and positivity into any situation is a hallmark of Grovo and our relationships with clients. We created 7 characters to represent the 7 personas of our product users, and we chose a bright color palette, including primary colors, to evoke the playful energy we feel in our office every day.

How do you guys use Lingo?

We use Lingo daily to share illustrations and photos across our entire company. The Sales team turns to Lingo when putting together RFPs for prospects, and the Client Services team to design client presentations. The Marketing team pulls icons for banner ads and emails. The Editorial team finds photos to accompany blog posts.

Additionally, these assets are used extensively in our content. Our illustrators and animators work together to design fitting illustrations that convey memorable, effective learning while being engaging at the same time.

Lingo has been an amazing resource to save time, collaborate, and minimize one-off requests to our Design team.

Grovo’s Visual Language Inside Lingo
“We’ve cut down on back and forth communication which creates a more streamlined process.”

How has it been incorporated into your team’s design workflow?

We have seen the most benefit using Lingo in our Design to Animation handoff. Everything we create can be uploaded and organized into our illustration library on Lingo. We are able to tag and bucket items appropriately, which cuts down on back and forth communication and creates a more streamlined process.

How do you guys see your visual language growing over the next five years?

Sky’s the limit. We envision spinning off subsets of our illustration library and creating more specialized themes that fit with our learning topics and overall aesthetic of the Grovo brand.

Grovo’s Illustrations

What are your must-read design books / blogs / podcasts and why?

Brand New

Dress Code

Designer News

Google Material Design

Fast Co Design

Design Milk

The Art of Looking Sideways — Alan Fletcher

Design as Art — Bruno Munari

This Is How We Learn — Benedict Carey

Just My Type — Simon Garfield

Principles of Two-Dimensional Design — Wucius Wong

The Book of Symbols: Reflections of Archetypal Images — Taschen

Thoughts on Design — Paul Rand

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information — Edward Tufte

BP&O — A well curated brand and packaging design blog.

Visual Melt — A curated blog founded by Leif Podhajsky that curates mixtapes, visuals from past and present, and odd documentaries

Design is fine — A great site for inspirations and a design history refresher

Mid Century Modern Design —Everything related to mid century modern design

Creative Pep Talk — A weekly podcast hosted by Andy J. Miller pumping up aspirational thoughts for every creative

Design Matters — Debbie Millman hosts an array of world renowned designer and tell us their stories.

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